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We have created a fast, flat course that takes in parts of the Brighton Marathon route whilst encapsulating Brighton’s City Centre and the famous coast line, finishing on Madeira Drive just past the Brighton Pier.

The first 5km of the route heads through the city centre and hits the seafront just after the 5km point; the second 5km runs out and back on the seafront before finishing back in Madeira Drive. Overall the course has a net 16m drop in elevation from start to finish. 



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On the course

Mile Markers
There will be a mile marker at every mile for marathon runners and kilometre markers every km for the 10k runners. Please note mile markers may not be positioned exactly on the mile, but as near to it as is possible. 
Fluids and Fuel

Water will be available just at 6k and at the finish. HIGH5 ZERO will be provided at the finish.

All drinks will be provided to runners in cups. You can find out more about using cups here.


Smile Points
Marathon-Photos.com, the Official Race Photographers will be placing photographers around the course to take pictures of you while you are running so look out for the ‘smile you are on camera signs’ spray painted on the road. These are indicated with a yellow smiley face icon on the course map.
Music, Cheer and Entertainment Points
There will be entertainment points along the course including a number of acts, bands and charity cheer points to help keep you motivated. These are marked on the course map with a music note icon. 
Toilets will be positioned at approximately 1.5k and at the finish.
First Aid
In addition to a large team of professional doctors and medics, St John Ambulance will provide part of our medical support on the day. There will be multiple First Aid stations along the course, assisting runners who may need basic medical attention. There will be medical cover at every water station with specific medical tents along the course. There is also an Advanced Treatment Centre on the course, and at the finish. 


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