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We want to get you to the start of the BM10k safely and sensibly. It's important that you not only follow well structured training plans consistently but that you also get the best advice and support possible in the build up.
From pacing through to buying the right shoes; we have put together a range of plans, articles, tips and advice from the experts.

Training Plans

The UK’s largest social network for runners, The Running Bug have put together a range of structured plans to suit all abilities starting at 12 weeks and less.

Running Advice and Articles

Here's some essential reading for all of our 2017 participants. Tap into some great advice from our experts on gearing up and getting ready for the 2017 BM10k. 
These articles cover a range of topics from warming up, technique, fartlek training and more.
For anything nutrition or injury related - head back to the Training homepage here.

Medical Advice

Please read this comprehensive advice from our medical director, Dr Rob Galloway. It's very important that you take a safe and sensible approach to your training. From fluid intake to avoiding ibuprofen, to consulting your GP if you have any concerns - it's all here.





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